2 Teams, 5 prizes & 13 top-notch software developers at the ChainPortHack 2018

Partnering with Antser and Codit, we were amongst the 6 finalists during the 2018 ChainPortHack & won 5 prizes in total! And most important, we had a great time together.

At T-Mining, we believe that by teaming up with excellent people, great new things come alive.

Just think of how Antser integrates paperless documents like the bill of lading in its platform. Philippe Michiels, co-founder of Antser is amazed at how simple it is to integrate with the T-Mining blockchain framework. “This is really blockchain made simple”!

The 3TChain solution that Codit builds, relies on both the T-Mining blockchain framework and the EnCo blockchain service. Bernard Lenssens, founder & CIO of Codit, is excited as the 3TChain works in a completely technology agnostic way. We can build great new solutions combining the best of IoT and blockchain, to create new services making our Ports more safe and secure than ever before!

A big thanks to the Port of Antwerp, NxtPort, Voka Alfaport and all partners and sponsors for organizing this great Hackathon. We start the countdown for the next one ;-)