Sven, Sr Developer at T-Mining: "Blockchain has its specific purpose, it's not a jack of all trades".

Sven, Sr Developer at T-Mining:

Working in a decentralized environment brings unique challenges, and requires another way of thinking. We use Solidity for smart contacts. This language has its limitations, requiring creativity in solving problems for which tools and methods already exist in other programming languages.

Not everything that is decentralized has to work with blockchain. Blockchain has its specific purpose but is not a jack of all trades. So, we reuse these building blocks of a blockchain environment. For example, you can also achieve the 'trust' aspect through solid cryptography, and guarantee the origin of something, like an issued certificate for instance, by using public/private key pairs for signing. These methods are also typically used in blockchain environments.

We want to offer our customers an alternative to a central cloud platform. Regardless of the benefits, there are issues with confidence and privacy that are hard to resolve. For example, we’ve seen a case of a company using a central cloud platform, which was later on acquired by its competitor. Needless to say that was quite the predicament. You can only avoid such situations by setting up a decentralized network, without one party having all the information and administrative rights. Communication in such a network is provided by using peer-to-peer technology - indeed like the BitTorrent protocol - where 2 parties directly exchange data with each other, without going through a central point that may be listening in. Developing such a framework is one of our core activities here at T-Mining.


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