Our smart contract community platform provides an open framework for end-users, developers, and communities. Feel free to take a look at what we offer and the possibilities it creates for container logistics.


For end-users


Secure Container Release

 Transferring the right to pick-up a container securely across the supply chain so the container is released only to the driver that holds the right on the blockchain.


Secure Document Workflow

Transferring documents without any paperwork and an automating the workflow. This use-case is in pilot phase today.


Chainwise Collaboration

Shortening the supply chain through exchanging data by parties involved in the chain, unlocking operational efficiencies. This use-case is in pilot phase today.


For developers


Smart contract platform for logistics

Our platform allows developers to quickly build blockchain services that solve specific problems in the logistics industry. The pre-made smart contracts from our library makes the development of these services much easier.


For communities


Blockchain infrastructure

A permissioned blockchain network infrastructure set up to serve a certain community such as e.g. the Port of Antwerp. The network is composed of multiple nodes,  each hosted by the respective community members, and provides the basic blockchain infrastructure to host the Smart Contracts Platform for Logistics. Each community network has its own governance.