About T-Mining

T-Mining is an independent Tier 2 technology provider building a trusted community collaboration framework for logistics by leveraging blockchain technology, enabling:

  1. increased operational efficiency driven by more intense collaboration;

  2. lowered administrative costs thanks to reduced paperwork & manual interventions;

  3. increased security and reduce risk thanks to blockchain technology.

The company was founded in December 2016. All 3 founders have extensive experience in container  operations, logistics software and business development. On top, the company is funded with smart money from senior business angels and imec, next to a government loan and grants. We have offices in Antwerp and Singapore and currently employ 11 people.



Press Releases

  • April 9, 2019: T-Mining welcomes new investors: Taste Invest (Westerlund) and PMV - link to press release

  • June 15, 2018: Antwerp blockchain pilot pioneers with secure and efficient document workflow - link to press release

  • June 28, 2017: Antwerp start-up T-Mining develops Blockchain solution for safe, efficient container release - link to press release



Recommended references

  1. An analyst report by CB insights illustrating the leading position of Port of Antwerp and T-Mining as pioneer in blockchain for logistics;

  2. Forbes, Boston Consulting Group & Nasdaq referring to the Port of Antwerp case as a reference case of blockchain in logistics - see also recent BCG article on our documents solution;

  3. An article by Wired on the use of blockchain;

  4. An interview by L'Echo with our CEO on our activities in the Port (french only);

  5. 3 articles by DeTijd, Datanews and Trends on the Secure Container Release use-case in the Port of Antwerp (dutch only)

  6. An article in Bloovi with recent overview of our activities (dutch only);

  7. References made by the Port of Antwerp:

    1. the capital of things initiative (dutch only);

    2. Secure Container Release, the second blockchain PoC worldwide;

    3. on of the Smart Port initiatives: blockchain in the Port of Antwerp;

    4. Secure Document Workflow solution for phyto certificates.





Nico Wauters, CEO & co-founder

In charge of Strategy and Business Development. He has over 20 years of international experience in managing teams and building businesses, founder, and former-CEO of NetworkMining NV. He had several senior management positions at KPNQwest, Alcatel, and Tellium and holds a Ph.D. & MSc Applied Science in network planning and optimization.


Pascal Verlinden, CTO & co-founder

In charge of Technology and Software Development. He has over 30 years of experience in software development for air, vessel and river traffic management system, container traffic logistics and terminal operations, is founder and MD of Tinc Associates and holds an MSc In Computer Science.


Filip Heremans, CPO & co-founder

In charge of Product development. He has 9 years of ICT and project management experience at MSC Home Terminal & MPET and holds an advanced MSc in Economics.



For all interview requests and press related inquiries:

Christiaan Sluijs
+32 483 67 83 83