As one of the first blockchain-enabled use-cases in the world, Secure Container Release (SCR) solves a recognized issue at the Port of Antwerp.

Our smart contracts make sure that the right to pick-up a container at the terminal is transferred securely across the chain so the container is released only to the driver that holds the right on the blockchain.


 SCR increases security and safety

The current PIN code solution isn't tamper free. The PIN code is copied along the chain towards the truck driver, rather than transferred. SCR allows to transfer the pickup right to be transferred using blockchain. In this way, all parties can trust that only the entitled truck driver will be able to pickup the container at the terminal.


SCR lowers administrative costs

Today, handling PIN codes still implies a lot of manual processing and data entry in different systems along the chain. This results in rework, long waiting times, complex complaint handling and at the end of the day, poor customer experience.


SCR improves operational efficiencies

SCR supports an integrated information flow across all involved parties. At every moment, all involved parties have access to the latest status of the container, allowing for better visibility and planning. Thanks to smart contracts, one can share relevant data with specific parties, allowing to increase operational efficiency even further.




offers specific benefits for all parties involved



  • no processing of PIN codes anymore

  • digital process in place to initiate, transfer & block pickup rights

  • receive the latest status updates



  • improved security & safety of staff

  • less administrative hassle at the terminal & reduced waiting time

  • improved data availability and increased operational efficiency



  • web portal for easy transfer of pick-up rights to individual drivers

  • real-time notifications, e.g. for vessel ETA updates or container blockings



  • mobile app for the trucker with all release and container information

  • Less administrative hassle at the terminal & reduced waiting time


Freight Forwarder

  • no processing of PIN codes anymore

  • fewer processing errors and faster complaint handling

  • digital process in place to transfer pickup right



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